How to prepare for drawing
section of NATA 2020

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Welcome to the second blog of our special series for NATA 2020 #NATAsimplified, where we help you decode NATA 2020 and perform better. We hope you have gone through our first blog where we understand the structure of the exam. If you have not, do read the first blog of the series ‘Understanding NATA 2020’. 

In this blog, we are going to dive deep in the drawing section of the NATA 2020 exam and figure out-

  • Weightage of the drawing section
  • How the marks will be awarded for drawing section of NATA 2020
  • Types of questions in drawing section of NATA 2020
  • Drawing questions for NATA 2020

So diving straight into the topic-

1. Mark Distribution for NATA 2020 Drawing Part

NATA 2020 has made a few changes in the drawing section from 2019 paper pattern, which are as follows-
  • NATA 2020 is for a total of 125 marks. A mammoth 62.5% of the total marks. Comparing that to NATA 2019, it was only 80 Marks i.e., 40% of the total exam. That's a huge jump in the marks allocation.
  • In NATA 2020, the drawing section contains 3 questions. Two questions of 35 Marks and 1 question of 55 marks. NATA 2019 had only two questions of 40 marks each.
Looking at the big picture, the drawing section is the most important section to score. Although General Aptitude and PCM sections are important too, this change indicates what kind of candidates CoA wants to pursue Architecture.

2. How marks will be awarded for drawing section of NATA 2020

According to the syllabus, as given in the NATA 2020 brochure- The candidate has to attempt three questions within 135 minutes. The drawing aptitude is judged on the following aspects –
  • Ability to sketch a given object proportionately and rendering the same in a visually appealing manner
  • Visualizing and drawing the effects of light on the object and shadows cast on surroundings
  • Sense of perspective drawing
  • Combining and composing given three-dimensional elements to form a building or structural form
  • Creating interesting two-dimensional composition using given shapes and forms
  • Creating visual harmony using colors in a given composition
  • Understanding of scale and proportions
  • Drawing from memory through pencil sketch on themes from day to day experiences
The Answer to each question in the ‘drawing’ paper will be examined by more than one examiner independently and the marks will be averaged. The primary emphasis in scoring the drawing section will be on the candidate’s drawing, imagination, and observation skills. The candidate’s sense of proportion and perspective will also be evaluated together with a sense of color and composition.

3. Types of questions in drawing section of NATA 2020

All right, till now we have discussed the weightage and how your drawings will be graded. But you see, the brochure doesn’t give you any hint of what type of questions will be there, what you should be practicing, etc. That brings us to the next question: what type of questions can be asked in the NATA 2020 drawing Section?

NATA 2020 will consist of 3 questions of 125 marks in total. 2 questions of 35 marks and 1 question of 55 marks. But what’s next, what do we make out of it? Why 1 question is for 55 marks while the other two are of 35 marks?

The answer actually lies in NATA itself. Well, before all the changes that we see today, papers before NATA 2017 had a different pattern. You could give NATA in your 11th, multiple times according to the date of your choice…more on that in some other blog maybe.

But what is interesting is the pattern for the drawing part back then.

The syllabus given was the same. Word to word.

And…guess what, the drawing part consists of three questions

Q 1 of 25 Marks, Q 2 of 25 Marks, and Q 3 for 50 Marks.

From 2006 to 2016, NATA stuck to this pattern

Q 1: 2D Composition

Q 2: 3D Composition

Q 3: Memory Drawing

You know where we are going with this.

So it’s kind of clear what’s going to come in NATA 2020. i.e,

Q 1 : 35 Marks – 2D Composition

Q 2 : 35 Marks – 3D Composition

Q 3: 55 Marks – Memory Drawing

4. Drawing questions for NATA 2020

If you’ve been preparing for NATA, you must have definitely done all the above-discussed drawing questions. If not, or in any case, here’s how a NATA 2020 drawing question might look like.

Q 1: Create an aesthetically pleasing 2D Composition using 4 circles, 2 squares, and 3 hexagons in a box of 140x210mm box. Colour the composition using any 4 colors of your choice.

Q 2: Using 2 wooden planks, 4 bricks, 1 coffee mug, and 1 orange create an interesting 3-dimensional composition. Draw the shade and shadows using a pencil shading. Focus on details and textures, Use only graphite pencils (No coloring required/allowed)

Q 3: Assume that you are visiting a Multiplex after the exams. After the movie is over, you and some of your friends decide to get some snacks in the cafeteria area. The seating arrangement is in an open to sky court. You can see some food stalls, few people sitting and chatting, a sweeper cleaning the floor and in the background, you see the main building of the multiplex/mall. Draw a pencil sketch of the scene from imagination or memory.

Now we know, nobody likes to read long blogs so we’ll wrap it up here.

But if you want to have a short individual blog about 2D composition, 3D composition, or memory drawing, we have it planned. Keep a tab.

Now to give you something to practice on to, we are also including 10 question sets for NATA 2020. These sets contain all type of questions we think are most likely to appear in NATA 2020. Feel free to download them, practice them, and share them around. We will see you in the next blog with NATA 2020: Aptitude Section analysis.

Till then, keep practicing.

Best of luck, do well.

Team ARH