Long-term Classroom Programme

2 Year Weekend Batch

Ideal for students who have recently cleared 10th or 11th standard

Class Frequency : Sunday 3 Hours

Classroom size : 30 Students per batch

Due to COVID-19, all our course are being conducted online till situation improves. 

1 Year Weekend Batch

Ideal for students who have recently cleared 11th or 12th standard

Class Frequency : Sunday 3 Hours

Classroom size : 30 Students per batch

Due to COVID-19, all our course are being conducted online till situation improves.

Weekday Batches (3-6 months)

Ideal for students who are not currently attending a full-time school program  ( Repeaters and outstation students)

Class Frequency: 10-12 hrs/3 days in a week Crash Course

Classroom size: Maximum 10 students

Instructional sessions are conducted in small peer groups to ensure maximum personal interaction. These sessions are extremely beneficial for students who do not have time for other long term courses

General Structure



(One time only)

Each student is assessed for basic knowledge, aptitude and skill level. This helps us to develop a tailor-made strategy to develop & nurture their unique skills



Students undergo a foundation course to develop the basic skills required for their stream. We explore discipline specific exercises and theory classes to develop conceptual clarity for a strong foundation.



The most extensive part of the course. It includes exercises, assignments and sample papers to get a better understanding of the patterns and strategies for the relevant
entrance examination


Power Modules

One month prior to the examination date, students attend a series of sessions to revise, clear any doubts and discuss previous papers.


Test Series

In this last stage, students test their learning against mock papers. Together, we work on fine tuning exam strategy and time management skills. This boosts students’ confidence level on the day of the examination.

Drawing and Design Foundation

This module focuses on imparting an understanding of visual and spatial aesthetics and creativity. Our activities and exercises are designed to make you understand the elements and principles of design, colour theory and its application, freehand sketching, rendering techniques and creating visual composition.

Visual Expression and Execution

In this module, we teach you how to express ideas, concepts, and formulate a design brief in the most compelling manner possible. We design 2D compositions, 3D compositions, memory drawing sketches etc from our understanding of the previous module. This module is designed to sharpen your skills and allow you to express your ideas visually

Spatial Ability

This is one of the most important modules in terms of NATA and JEE Paper 2. It helps you in understanding building and developing sensitivity towards Spatial Aptitude. We learn the basic orthographic views such as plan, elevation side elevation isometric views etc This is where we understand the science and technological aspect of design

Architecture Awareness

This module introduces you to the world of architecture. We discuss and discover famous buildings, architects, monuments in India and across the world in great detail. Alongside, we deepen our technical knowledge with site visits to construction sites, outdoor live sketching sessions and architectural photography as a tool to understand built form in a meaningful way

Test Series

At ARH, we provide an immersive exam simulation in the form of mock test, cluster tests and simulated exam day tests (online testing). This helps you become comfortable with the format and work on speed, accuracy, strategy, time management skills while building your confidence

Exam Day (and further counseling)

ARH is with you every step of the way, Ar the end of the course, a 3 hour session is conducted about everything you need to know, both good and bad. We involve ourselves in the admission and counseling process by holding PTMS for group form-filing and providing counseling to make a good college preference list We make sure that you are informed about your potential choices and confident about your ability to get there. Though this marks the end of a students preparatory journey at ARH we always look forward to hearing what you are doing later!

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